Comment masquer les fils de la camera de securite en dehors de votre maison

Valuing function over form is not an excuse for having bad-looking tech around your home. Fortunately, cable management is one of those tasks that can help all your devices blend seamlessly into your home. Here are the best ways to hide power and network wires of your outdoor security cameras.




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  • 5 ways to hide wires of outdoor security cameras
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5 ways to hide wires of outdoor security cameras

Unless you have wireless security cameras, such as Arlo cameras, your security camera will at the very least have a power cable. Not only will you need to make sure that the line will fit from the port to the camera but you should also make sure it’s safe from visitors and the elements. So let’s talk about the best ways to hide and subsequently protect your camera’s cables.

Step 1: Paint the cables with spray paint.

Most cables coming from security cameras are white, gray, or black. These colors make them more visible against housing of a different shade. You can go to a hardware store and get spray paint that is safe for plastics that match your home’s siding or build material. When you get home, disconnect the cable and paint it. Be careful to make sure the paint dries before connecting the cable or turning on the device to minimize liquid risk.

Step 2: Cover the cables with a raceway.

A raceway is also another potentially effortless way to hide and protect your cables from nature. They are plastic coverings that can be attached to the wall of your home and have the cords run underneath them. You can buy a raceway from an electronics or hardware store. You can also paint the raceway to hide the wires even more.

Step 3: Hide the cables in the walls or ceiling.

This method is more permanent and requires tools and possibly an electrician to perform. To hide cables in your wall, you’ll need to drill at least two holes in the walls and pass through the wires. This method is excellent for hiding and protecting cables from the elements. If you’re doing this yourself, make sure you turn off your circuit breaker first.

Step 4: Hide under roofing.

Hiding your cables under the roofing and siding of your home works best when you have a high outlet and a higher angle for your security camera. Simply tuck the wires underneath the siding material that’s already on your home. You can keep the cords hidden with hooks, glue, or various other tools.

Step 5: Go wire-free.

Obviously, the best way to hide and protect your cables from your security camera is not to have cables. Instead of painting and covering and tucking away cords, use a wire-free camera and don’t worry about it. Outdoor security cameras are already weatherproof, and putting them at a higher access point reduces the risk of tampering.


How can I hide the wires from my outdoor camera? There are a few ways to hide your wires from your outdoor cameras as detailed above. For example, you can camouflage them with paint, cover them with siding or raceways, or insert them into your home’s walls.

How do you weatherproof a security camera cable? You can cover your basic cables with water-reflecting paint, but the best way to weatherproof a cord is to cover it physically. Hiding the cables inside the walls or under the siding would be the best step.

How do you secure outdoor wires? Securing stranded outside wires requires hooks or glue. We still suggest hooking or gluing the cable if you hide the cables under the siding. If the line is hidden under a raceway or inside a wall, you don’t have to worry about securing them, as the housing is doing that for you.

How can I disguise my security camera? The best way to disguise the security camera is to hide it up high, underneath roofing or siding, or behind foliage or decoration. There’s a bit of psychological science in having the camera visible to deter activity in the first place.

These five ways to hide and protect your outdoor security cables will keep your camera safe and secure, and subsequently keep you safer from unwanted activity to your camera.

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